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Published: 08th May 2009
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Looking For help on "english speaking in mumbai"? Do you want to win over your audience, employer and colleagues with a confident, strong command of English? Do you feel low and left out when you find others confidently speaking in English while you feel jittery and "lagging behind"? Do you want to master the world's number one language? Here's with four useful tips to empower your "english speaking" skills and gain everlasting confidence as you speak perfect, simple and effective English.

Strengthen your English grammar: The first step towards mastering English is to learn English grammar and strengthen your fundamentals in the language. Let's take a simple test and first look at the phrase "english speaking classes mumbai". Do you think this is good English - or the "spoken english classes in mumbai" would be better? If you are not sure, it's time to revisit grammar (The right answer, by the way, is "spoken english class in mumbai"). You may not spend years in learning English grammar - the key is to study the most important and frequently used or applicable sections of grammar. Focus on basics such as correct usage of verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns, tense formation and active and passive voice. That will put you off on a great start in learning the English language. Remember: most of the people with perfect English never memorize grammar - English grammar rules are complicated and have many exceptions. The best way to learn English grammar is by hearing and reading as much natural English as you can.

Use every opportunity to speak in English: Why not use every single day as an opportunity to practice. Do you have fear of making mistakes and sounding embarrassed? The same fear could stop you forever! Take your chances everyday - start from home, with friends and then finally with colleagues at work. At English speaking courses in mumbai (spread over multiple locations - Fort, Borivli, Thane, Vashi and Dombivli), we encourage students to come forward and speak extempore (in English). This provides the first, safe platform where you can comfortably face your fears and even develop your verbal presentation skills.

Constantly build your vocabulary in English: Whenever you read an English newspaper, newsletter, article or magazine, ensure that you mark out the words that you do not follow. Start this practice with newspapers where the level of English is moderate and thus easy to grasp. One of the best periodicals for this is the reader's digest which carries 15-20 new words to add to your vocabulary. Another great way is to get a copy of "word Power made easy" by Norman Lewis - the most practicable book in word power development. Vocabulary directly impacts your Spoken English skills and is must towards learning English language. At our English speaking courses in mumbai (spread over multiple locations - Fort, Borivli, Thane, Vashi and Dombivli), we ensure that all word power building materials are made available with periodic tests on English vocabulary.

Simple, Crisp English is the Best English, Worldwide: As you go ahead with mastering spoken english, avoid complex sentences which may confuse you, your listeners and make things even more difficult. And probably embarrassing! Stick to the basic rules of English grammar and use proper sentences and word forms. This is the best way to speak flawless English. Once you are comfortable with your basics and practiced English speaking, move to the complex sentences. Also, first work towards improving your English speaking capabilities and then move to other areas.

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